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In Monty Python terms, English upper class twits - public schoolboys who turn into oiks and behave rudely, noisily and foolishly in a group at public functions rather as European players of rugby football are commonly said to comport themselves at social events. The females of the species (rarer)are Hooray Henriettas.
Prince Harry and his brother are turning into right Hooray Henrys, just like all the Windsor males.
by ziddi van der zee September 02, 2004
Originally used almost exclusively in England as a toast accompanied by a clink of glasses or raising of same, has come to mean almost anything an English person (particularly hooray Henriettas) wants it to mean rather in the style of shit or cool, but usually with ironic overtones.
"I've just told your bird you're bonking her sister."
"Oh cheers, mate."
by ziddi van der zee September 02, 2004
cute but in a more personable, characterful, less Disney-like way - in no sense perjorative - used with definite approval and approbation. English, more particularly from North Suffolk dialect and of Anglo Saxon origin
Look at that baby's chuppy face.
by ziddi van der zee January 01, 2005
Commonly used in older, English slang and related to anger and annoyance, combining being bored and being fed up, mixing exasperation and anger.Possibly related (through use of a common term for penis) to giving someone 'the willies' - in UK particularly, pissing someone off.
Stop that, twatface, you're getting on my fucking wick!
by ziddi van der zee January 01, 2005
A large female who likes intercourse while standing, particularly anal.
Man, that Two-ton Tessa loves it up the shitter against the wall. She's the best upright bass I've plucked in years.
by ziddi van der zee January 01, 2005

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