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1. a curse-word replacement
2. someone you are very close to
3. a name for a beta fish
4. a name for a pencil, or any other random object
5. what to say in many different accents when you are bored
2. (to your best friend) "aw chuppy you mean the most to me"
3. "time to feed chuppy some fish bits"
4. "i lost my chuppy, can i borrow yours?"
5. "choooooopy" "chaaaauppy?" "chuppapchuoopchup"
by imhungryforsandwhiches May 02, 2009
cute but in a more personable, characterful, less Disney-like way - in no sense perjorative - used with definite approval and approbation. English, more particularly from North Suffolk dialect and of Anglo Saxon origin
Look at that baby's chuppy face.
by ziddi van der zee January 01, 2005
1. a chubby puppy. Typically very cute and well liked by everyone.
Aww, look at that fat and cute chuppy.
by Sooohood January 17, 2013
A dog that is used as a baby or child substitute. Part child, part puppy.
"Her biological clock is ticking. She's turned Matilda into her chuppy"
by HKath February 05, 2010
to eat so much you become "chubby" and "sleepy"
Man, I ate so much for Thanksgiving, I am sooo chuppy.
Lets eat lots of food and get chupped up!
by Chuppy Lover February 18, 2015
Beautiful or whizbang (usually for girls)
Damn, that girl is a chuppy.
I met a chuppy today and she changed my life
by Chuppakiss February 03, 2011
A Ch-uppy is a Chicano-Yuppie.
Damn, that fool's a Chuppy
by trpbst September 29, 2010

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