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"Oh my God, What the fuck, Barbeque." A parody of internet acronyms, used sarcastically. It can be used at the same times one would use "omgwtf".
by Zi October 03, 2004
A species of rodent soon to inherit the earth after our demise
I saw a hamster plotting my death yesterday
by Zi October 03, 2004
An overly used internet acroynm said to mean 'what the fuck'. Fun to say around old people.
person: dude, wtf is that?
by Zi October 03, 2004
The sound an albatross makes.
Rawk rawk, I'm an albatross, rawk!
by Zi October 03, 2004
A way of spelling goth often used to make fun of those who beleive that they are one. Used by people making fun of people who think they are goth.

Used to call one's self goth in a sarcastic manner in order to make fun of poseur goths.
Person making fun of gawth: look at me i am teh gawth i photoshopped a picture of myself in black eyeliner WOE IS ME MY LIF IS SO ANGST FILLED.
by Zi October 03, 2004
A hypothetical cat subjected to the difficult job of being both alive and dead at the same time for all eternity.
Schrödinger's cat is dead.
Schrödinger's cat is not dead.
by Zi October 03, 2004
Emotes can be either the asterisks placed in front and behind a sentence describing action to indicate the permorance of that action or a short version of emoticon, which is a face made with the characters on a keyboard.
a: *runs*
b: *chases*
b: >=D
a: *runs faster*
by Zi October 03, 2004
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