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A person (usually male) who is expert in forging dicks. He can make good quality dicks, which are dicksword, dickknife, dickaxe, dickspear, dick-plate armor and dick-chain armor.

In early 1700s, someone from blacksmith association got caught while forging his own dick. He tried to defend his technique but because of it's very dangerous risk, he was expelled from the association. He felt that he shouldn't waste his talent, so he traveled around the world in order to make his technique even better. His masterpiece was the Lightning Dick of Mass Destruction, which was created when he was in Hawaii. Since then, he kept creating many more deadly dick-weapons. He went to Japan to make the dick-katana for Kurasa Takada. Once he got lost somewhere in England, he managed to create the dick-magic wand which used by one of the Hogwarts' students. His last creation was the ring named "Lord of the Dick". Unfortunately, he came to his death when tried to use it as an dick accessory.
A: Do you know the man named Kuobati Anumu? I want to order a dicksword.
B: Ooooh, that popular dicksmith. Let me show you his house.
by zedkiel January 15, 2008
A kind of burger. Can be found in Burger King.
It's my favorite menu.
A: Can I take your order, Sir?
B: I'd like to have a Whooper.
A: Drink, Sir?
B: Nope, just a Whooper.
A: Are you sure?
B: Do you want me to whup your ass?
by zedkiel January 15, 2008
Another term for masturbating (male)
Do you always cokil while watching porn movies?
by zedkiel January 20, 2008
a person who hitchhikes (travels by securing free rides from passing by vehicles)..
Hey, i see a hitcher there, let's pull over..
by zedkiel February 22, 2008
It is the slank used to call the Chinese people.
Both of them are cokin.
by zedkiel January 20, 2008
Un-funny (not funny).
The word 'lame' is commonly used when there is someone who's trying his/her best to make a joke but nobody laugh.
She could tell funny jokes, but her sister always tell lame ones.

A: Did you cut your hair?
B: No, not me. It's the hairdresser who did it.
A: So lame laa~~~
by zedkiel January 15, 2008

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