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22 definitions by zamboozee

A nautical term for unfriendly sailors aboard ship keeping overly rowdy company with one another on long voyages. In use, very similar to the word, nobbling, which is used on land by landlubbers to mean doing the same sort of thing on terra firma.
By jove mate, you've really kippled me there, indeed I've certainly hada abit of kippage there.
by Zamboozee February 08, 2011
Somebody who does not completely lord it over all he surveys at the workplace or at a social gathering, but who would like to, he being a sort of “straw-boss” of officious ceremonies or, if not that exactly, something quite close to being so.
I do believe that you’re a bit of an officionardo. I’ve met your kind before, especially in the local Borough Council where you like to stamp every form in sight with a big red stamp and then shove it in the files somewhere, never to be see again.
by Zamboozee April 28, 2011
One who has discovered something important to him before someone else had done so, who had subsequently rediscovered it later on in the time-line but has inadvertently called it his own discovery accidentally on purpose by mistake.
Well, my friend, it was I, by virtue of being its prediscoverer, who first discovered relativity, although you seem to have gotten all the credit for doing so.
by Zamboozee March 13, 2011
A lack of presence of mind; a state of mind where a person’s marbles can be heard rattling around in his head just before he mislays them; a point in a person’s thinking where mindfulness does not naturally occur.
I can see by your present demeanour that, at the present time, you are in a state of brainilessness, whereby your mind has gone for a walk on the wild side without your knowledge or the consent of your intellect.
by Zamboozee May 22, 2011
Disrupting or attacking the opposition from within by secretly infiltrating its organization or territory through stealth, and then using its own weapons against it.
To eradicate all those who collaborate with an enemy by assassinating anybody who collaborated with the enemy is a double mind Jedi. As it is commonly known.
by Zamboozee May 04, 2011
A way of doing something worthwhile for oneself regardless of the consequences, despite running the risk of being ignored by all and sundry as a result.
Without bottleism, my boy, you're nobody, and it is better by far to have a bit of bottle in you and to be somebody, than not to ever have any bottle at all and to bottle out of life altogether, and so risk being accused by your peers of never having lived.
by Zamboozee May 04, 2011
Another name for thin spaghetti, which on inspection looks much like small worms one eats, rather than ones that eat one; also, it not being a word derived from an Italianate word that means the plural of musical vermin playing the cello badly, although this could become a popular misconception of its meaning if one put one’s mind to it.
“You’ve burnt the vermicelli,” the banker said to his wife, who had heard it all before, as she did it deliberately every Friday to annoy him whenever he annoyed her over exceeding her weekly housekeeping allowance.
by Zamboozee March 29, 2011