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common mistakes/posers: cincinatti, columbus, canton, seattle, and above all, chicago
regular black dude: c-town is the shit
actual retard: ya i like chicago
regular black dude: fuck that
by zachattack0428 April 12, 2007
1) a baby that is lacking life
2) a meal (preferably brunch)
3) a sex toy
1) wow, look at that dead baby
2) guy 1: im starved
guy 2: want some ribs?
guy 1: too early...how about a dead baby?
3) last night was long. my roommates had a dead baby.
by zachattack0428 April 12, 2007
bad;the oppisite of ballin
dude. he just killed a baby. that is so not ballin.
by zachattack0428 April 12, 2007

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