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1) An ugly guy that male metro-sexuals hang out with to increase their chances of getting laid.

(Unlike hot girls' relationship with their respective ooks, guys are emotionless, vigilant sexual pragmatists, who don't really care if the oonk gets laid or not, therefore, oonk has two connotations.

2) A (optionally) ugly or pathetic guy that fiercely heterosexual, albeit socially inept and sexually underexperienced hang out with to make fun of in front of girls, because, in their warped minds, they think that girls like assholes, and they will get laid. Certain girls do like assholes, but they think that guys who pretend to be assholes to get laid and are truly decent people are fucking pathetic, and no matter how empty they themselves are, they are true. That's pathetic.
Jake: Fuck that kid, he's just our oonk, you know.

Sally: Wow, you're so brilliant.

Jake: Suck me.

Sally: No. Okay. You look like my daddy *slurp slurp*.

Hateful...so hateful...
by Zach Block June 06, 2005
The gender classification for transgender individuals with ambiguous sexual characteristics, though leaning slightly towards masculine characteristics.
I've got testicles inside my labia. I must me a merm!
by Zach Block June 06, 2005
The opposite of fucking someone, the act of unfucking someone.
"Why is fuck you such a bad thing to say to a person. You should say unfuck you." -- Lenny Bruce, a man
by Zach Block June 11, 2004
a euphemism for Marijuana that no one has ever used and probably never will use
Sgt. Joe Friday: Look, Smith, it's a hopper-head.
Smith: Let's shove a light fixture up his ass and pull out his intestines.
Sgt. Joe Friday: C'mere mama! Tryin' TO PUFF THAT OL' DIGGY DIGGY! The scrim-scim-screw. The tea, see?
Pothead: I'm just smoking the marrrry jane maaaaaaaaaaan.
Smith: He's obviously possessed.
Friday. Let's kill him.
by Zach Block June 24, 2005
Kissing of the anus.
Give me an ass job, baby, I'll make ya famous!
by Zach Block June 06, 2005
Bullets, ammo, things you fire from a gun.
"...and I get served with some Black Eyed Peas tomorrow?" - Chrissy: Sopranos
by Zach Block January 17, 2005

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