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A Person with a very good sense of appreciating the art and creativity of music.

A person who loves Lady Gaga and accepts her for who she is.

A member of the Little Monster Family, also known as the BIGGEST, HAPPIEST FAMILY on the universe.
Little Monster: I am a Little Monster

People: Ooooh! Hi could we be friends, i know you're smart and cool and brave and you're a part of the biggest and happiest family on planet! You're our sister/brother!!
by yohohohoho September 23, 2011
Huge fan of faggot Justin Bieber who had sex change long time ago.

Girls who drools over Justin Beaver and wanna have sex, in short hoes.
Girl: I'm a belieber

Boy: You mean you're not fresh anymore? You ain't virgin!! Waaaaaaaah
by yohohohoho September 23, 2011
Multi-Awarded, Hit Maker, Record Breaker Singer in Hollywood from New York City.

Known for her record breaking singles Poker Face, Just Dance, Paparazzi, Love Game, Bad Romance, Alejandro, Telephone, Born This Way and more!
Person1: Do you know Justin Bieber ?

Person2: No, I only know Lady Gaga

Person1: Oh yeah! Eff I love her songs!
by yohohohoho September 23, 2011
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