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Justin Beaver (born October 19, 1984) is an American football running back He played college football at UW–Whitewater.
Mann, That Justin Beaver is soo good.
by lovextooxsmile February 26, 2010
justin beaver is a mythical creature that uses its tail while singing highly to disorient and kill its prey. which is unaffective on any creature around age 11-14, or prostitues.
uh oh, i thought i spotted a justin beaver hiding in my closet.
by holy_shit_its_a_cow January 14, 2011
what all old people and people think Justin Beiber's name is, people who have not yet been exposed to such high levels of faggotry.
Grandfather: Whos this little girl singing?
Teenager: Thats justin beiber
Grandfather: Justin Beaver?
by NAHH SUN SIT DOWN March 26, 2012
A term for Justin Bieber who sounds like a pussy so thats where the beaver comes from. If it wasn't for him I would listen to the radio. So i am stuck with youtube. Beyonce has deeper voice than him, his cherry probably hasn't been pooped either. This word can describe ANY kids like.
Girl: OMG I love justin Bieber!!!

Guy: Are you a lesbian because he is really Justin Beaver. So he has a vagina.

Girl: But i love his voice!

Guy: He sounds like a 2 year old girl on helium.
by GO DIE IN A HOLE JB February 22, 2010
Justin Bieber's pet beaver that he kept secret in his basement for 3 years.
Someone leaked a picture of Justin Beaver yesterday on Twitter!
by AC_Overdose June 28, 2014
The beginning of vaginal intercourse. Most commonly used to refer to a male who has been cock blocked.
"Yo! The door was open, so I came in. Can I crash at your place tonight?"

"Dammit Bob! I was Justin Beaver!"
by Trogador April 05, 2010
1. The name people who are jealous of him or simply hates his guts for no reason or a personal reason would use.

2. The name of a very attractive beaver or a name of a very unattractive beaver ( the beauty is in the eye of the beholder)
You look exactly like that lame kid Justin Bieber, or should I say Justin Beaver.

Kelsie, I just got a cute beaver and I named him Justin Beaver. Isn't that awesome
Yup Joe, That's totally awesome.
by bookworm16 December 30, 2010

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