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Part One: First off, don't believe any of that bullshit people say about how Hitler supposedly "committed suicide". Before His immanent defeat in Germany, he ran away towards Russia where he remained hidden for a few years until his dumbass fell through a patch of thin ice and became a popsicle. A few years later the Russian people found his body perfectly preserved in ice. Using their advanced technology, they removed his brain and locked it deep within a monstrous robot with which the Russsians planned to use in order to wage war upon freedom, Jews, justice, Poland, and general minorities. Mecha-Hitler became to powerful and escaped the Russian military base. He cooperarted with the Japanese after agreeing to give them control of America after he wages war in exchange for upgrading his body.
After the upgrades to his arsenal, Mecha-Hitler betrayed the Japanese and fled to Mexico. Luckily the Japanese were smart enough to implant a control chip into his brain. They deactivated his body and currently is in a state of suspended animation somewhere in the Mexican desert. We can only hope that the Mexican people never locate him and restart his programming.
by Xero _ Manifest April 18, 2011
A stupid ass superhero from the South Park episode Coon 2: Hindsight. He flies around the world providing hindsight after every catastrophy that happens, but doesn't actually do anything helpful. Instead of helping the fire department save lives, he just started bitching about how it could have been avoided. Not to mention how "useful" he was during the gulf oil spill
Rndm Citizen: Look!! It's Captain Hindsight!!! Captain Hindsight: That building shouldn't have been built there. It prevents fire trucks from getting closer to that other building. My job here is done. Captain Hindsight away!!! Everyone: Thank you Captain Hindsight!!!!!!
by Xero _ Manifest October 27, 2010
Light can be used to describe many things, like a person's personality, overall goodness, or as a state of mind. Light is what exists, what will exist and what always has existed, and nothing can change that no mater how hard someone tries. People can try to remove the light from their being, but none can trully do it. No matter how dark a person's outwardly appearence, the light will always be there deep within that persons very soul. Shrouded be darkness, it will still shine bright, waiting for it's time to rise again. For the truth is that darkness cannot exist without light. They are like two sides of a coin, coexisting with one another. Sure one side may overpower the other at times, but that side cannot be completely consumed. So can be said for the human heart... no matter how much a person grieves and hurts, and no matter how empty that persons life feels, the light will still remain, deep within that persons heart as hope, and will wait in patience until it is called uppon to return to the surface.
When the light returns, all of those feelings of pain and anguish will be replaced with feelings of joy and remorse. That persons life will once again be filled with the happiness he felt long ago.
by Xero _ Manifest December 04, 2010
A contest where a group of guys, all in sweatpants, take a pill of viagra, and watch hours of gay porn. What's the point? The first person to get a boner is the queerest in the group. That's all there is to it really.. First used by Daniel Tosh on his show Tosh.0 where he and his gay pals took the challenge.
Daniel Tosh: And tonight on the show I take the Gay Porn Viagra Boner Challenge!!
by Xero _ Manifest March 08, 2011
I'm not really sure how to describe this... friends are people that you trust with your intermost feelings. The type of people that you know won't betray you by telling your secrets. The kind of people that are always there for you, or at least always available to talk to you over the phone when your sad. Friends could even be just the people that you talk to casually, but not emotionaly. Although these are not "true friends" they are friends just the same... supposedly
Truth is these type of people don't actually exist.. Maybe in a perfect world, but this one is far from it. In this world every single last person is the same, they don't care about anything but themselves. Friends are just temporary tools that they have around to make their pathetiv lives easier. Nobody really cares about your problems, it's all an act. People know that if they act carring, they can control that person to benefit from, nothing more. No matter how much you may "trust " and even "care" about a certain individual, when your use is no longer needed, you'll just be discarded like an empty bottle...
by Xero _ Manifest January 21, 2011
A natural repellent that certain females tend to excrete. It causes males to be driven away from said female, resulting in her lack of sex. Examples of penis repellent are but are not limited to: being but ugly, smelling like rancid pussy, or even if she is the sexiest person you've ever seen, she may be a total bitch. That alone qualifies as instant penis repellent
Rndm Guy: Look! I don't care how fucking sexy you may be, you need to drop that bitch attitude if you ever want to stop excreting penis repellent!!!!! *Sexy chick flashes tits* Rndm Guy: Your wish is my command...
by Xero _ Manifest January 19, 2011
A texting acronym that stands for "Ohh Fucking Well"
Via Text) Husband: I'm sorry I can't go with you to see your mother, I have to go to Michigan for my father's funeral. Bitchy Wife: OFW that fucking guy never did anything for us in the first place, he deserves to be dead.
by Xero _ Manifest January 04, 2011
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