15 definitions by xander

a dick with the bollocks on the top (offensive)
That guys (got) a toploader
by xander February 03, 2004
Used to define a solid form of computer information.
I have your files on disk, but I need a hard copy.
by Xander October 29, 2003
un-pwnz3st p3rs0n evar! comes up with the worst comebacks. and a DORK. but somewhat ok.
who's a very unpwnz1ng person?
weiling is.
by xander June 12, 2003
To be in a content state of being. To be fine
Hey how are you? 5 by 5.
by Xander October 29, 2003
Two faced, hypocrite, devils advocate.
I hated the piece of poo but John was being a swarr and loved it.
by Xander November 04, 2004
exceeding all expectations; beyond cool.
I heard that party was totally thunderball, I wish I had been there.
by Xander July 22, 2003
previously of an un-known meaning, utill the release of poison's album Hollywierd. it is slang for C.C banging a porno queen.
nick ask me what the hell unskinny bop means,
it's slang for C.C banging a porno queen
by Xander February 25, 2005

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