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v. to decline/pass on a deal, or idea altogether.
Jerome: "I got a pair of Yeezy 2 solars and I want to get at least $2000 for them. You interested?"

Montrell: "You serious bruh?! I'm gonna have to Steve Nash on that. You smoking that premium kush, B."
by xaM September 11, 2012

a price that is very cheap or deeply discounted; usually reserved for family members/close friends.
Hugh: "Yo Aaron did you get those new Nike HTM flyknits that dropped today?"
Aaron: "Yeah I did - they're super limited though, so I'm only looking to sell for double retail."
Hugh: "Come on, man! I know you got em for below retail; I need famprice on them."
Aaron: "Sorry man, I gotta make money so I'm gonna steve nash that offer. Later."
by xaM August 29, 2014
A White Orthodox Right-wing Mormon
The Hamptons may be filled with WASPS but the East side of Salt Lake City is crawling with WORMS.
by xam July 15, 2005

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