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hot tranny mess
Homegirl got so wasted last night, she was a htm.
by hotmesssb August 17, 2008
Hot tranny mess.

You sexy. Everyone loves you. But you a mess.
Ex. 1: Girl was an HTM last night!

Ex. 2: Paul, you are HTMing. You are soooo far gone.
by justalittlebit September 26, 2010
Hot Tranny Mess. a phrase that means when someone is more then a hot mess, they are a Hot Tranny Mess. Meaning their appereance is worse then a ugly tranny.
Often used by Christian Siriano of Project Runway
Can you believe she's wearing that? She looks a H.T.M.
by Sugs-N-Spice April 01, 2008
HTM: HTML for the windows user
HTM page: http : / / britneyspears . ac / lasers.htm
by mirthalegrand January 18, 2011
The process of putting your hand to your mouth after someone gets burned hard.
Dumb guy A: Oh man, that pole was hard.
Dumb guy B: That's what your mother said last night.
Third guy who helps the joke: OHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HTM!!!!!!!!
by jcdahlgren23 August 31, 2008
"A Hot Topic Model" One who looks like they could be a walking advertisement for hot topic (It makes up almost their entire wordrobe)
by lor September 21, 2003
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