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Original Church, as established by the apostles of Jesus. Eventually broken by the Western schism, also known as the Great Schism.

Rejects the papacy, while holding to Apostolic Tradition.
He is Orthodox.

He is a member of the Eastern Orthodox Church.
by Tom December 02, 2003
Orthodox Christianity begins with the first Pentecost in Jerusalem and the spreading of the Holy Spirit on Christ's small circle of disciples. It is then that the Orthodox Church was born, today the second largest organized body of Christians in the world. The legal recognition of Christianity was by the Emperor Constantine at the beginning of the fourth century (312AD) and its recognition as the official religion of the Byzantium empire by the end, under Theodosius (392AD).
The Eastern Orthodox Faith has over 500,000,000 followers worldwide.
by CrnaStrela September 05, 2005
The more peaceful and less aggressive branch of Christianity.
Most people, when they hear of Christianity, think mostly of the Roman Catholic branch. This branch led the crusades, forced people to convert, and created a world wide genocide, so to speak. Us Orthodox, had absolutely no say in this.
by thejumpman23 December 26, 2011

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