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Being so badass and so overwhelmingly black at the exact sametime. Usually during a heroic moment.
Tyrone was in a gas station when it was robbed by another black person. Little did the robber know, Tyrone was a Badass Nigger
by xGeTcRuNkx February 10, 2009
While fisting a girls ass, Put 2-3 fingers on the inside of your palm hand insider her ass
I was giving Mary a FistaFinger and my mom walked in.
by xGeTcRuNkx June 23, 2006
When you tuck your ballsack inbetween your legs and let your penis hang out in the water. This can only be done in the water.

8 Kicks-
I was in my hottub and gave The Anaconda to Chris.
by xGeTcRuNkx August 18, 2006
Your soft, Your weak, Your a pussy.
Your cake ill beat the fuck out of you. You rather cake it up with your girl then chill with us to blow an L.
by xGeTcRuNkx May 25, 2008
The fries that are at the bottom of any fastfoodbag.
I should get the stragglers because im skinnyest.
by xGeTcRuNkx June 23, 2006
When you are so extremly, high, or drunk, or both that you sit in the samespot and can't move just like terry schiavo in the bed.
Man. Ed and Josh were so fucked up last night they were t-shived all night.
by xGeTcRuNkx February 10, 2009
When your so high, Your beyond high or blown.
Man, I smoked a whole oz, Im caked!
by xGeTcRuNkx June 23, 2006
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