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a person of south asian desendency who was born and brought up in the U.S, and is a perfectly nice and good person but is judged improperly because they're not that involved in the south asian community.
Me: Mommy I saw an indian girl with this white guy today....
Mommy: Stay away from her!
Me: Why?
Mommy: Because honey, if an indian person does not hang out with other indians, doesnt listen to indian music or watch indian films that means they're a coconut and they're ashamed of their skin color.
Me: Oh.....What should i do when I see her again.
Me: It's okay she's not pretty anyway...
Mommy: Oh really! Never mind..haha.. then just forget that we had this conversation.
by wordmaker2005 February 24, 2005
magical world where all the haris, hareenas, and harinis come together in joy.
Me: Instead of going to Disneyland let's go to Haweeland!!!!
Mommy: Honey, did you forget to take your pills again?
Me: I think so.......Can I have some roti and dahl again?
Mommy: Unfortunately, No
by wordmaker2005 February 23, 2005
a magical college where all the cool haris, hareenas, and harinis go.
Me: Mommy, once I grow up i'm gonna go to the university of haweeland!!!
Mommy: I don't think there is such a college...
Me: Oh come on mommy!!!You gotta use your imagination....
Mommy: Well, are you sure this college will have roti and dahl?
Me: Oh my god.....I didn't think about that.....
by wordmaker2005 February 27, 2005
American Born Confused Monkey
Me: If an indian monkey is born in the United States....
Mommy: (irritated) yes.....
Me: Won't that make him a an ABCM? HAHHHAHAHAHA Im so funny mommy.
Mommy: Please stop talking.....
by wordmaker2005 February 24, 2005
A word that describes the combined emotion of feeling bored and lonely. It is a perfect word describing the union of two very powerful emotions. Much like the word bootilicious.
Me: Mommy I'm feeling so bonely!!!
Mommy: Oh honey don't be sad. I know what will make you feel better. I made your most favorite food....
Me: Really, What?
Mommy: Roti and Dahl!!!
Me: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!I don't feel bonely anymore!
by wordmaker2005 February 18, 2005
Fell Off the Boat, On the Way Here
Me: Mommy am I a FOB OTWH?
Mommy: Yes.....yes you are.
Me: Oh okay
(awkward silence)
Me: Can I have more roti?
Mommy: You know for a baby, you eat wayyy to much roti and dahl.
Me: I know....
by wordmaker2005 February 24, 2005
This is just really long funny word. Can be used in various awkward situations.
Me: Mommy, did you and daddy really do that to make me?
Mommy: Um..........Oh my god, honey look at that outside its a....um.....Moooomoooogooojoobobobmomofofo
by wordmaker2005 February 23, 2005

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