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2 definitions by woolbar

when you are be getting your ass licked
Donny - 'Hey ted, i saw your dad doing annilingus on your mum last night.'

Ted - 'Cool.'
by woolbar July 26, 2008
A simple replacement for any word that you can't remember, can't be bothered to say or feel needs spicing up.
Also, it can be fun to use Jayne as a replacement for a word that rhymes with it.
Donny - 'Hey Ted, someone called for you earlier.'

Ted - 'Who was it?'

Donny - ' That girl from the Flea Market... Ya know... Jayne.'


Ted - 'Hey Donny, weathers getting rough eh?'

Donny - 'Yeah, it might Jayne.'
by woolbar July 26, 2008