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A act involving a man squeezing his cock and balls and slapping one's face or other body part. Must be perfomed with extreme caution.
Last night I codslapped Kristin right between her eyes.
by WKid May 13, 2006
1. A pussy whistle.

2. The result of a queef.
I was awoken buy the sound of whistling skinflaps.
by WKid May 13, 2006
Big, fat vagina lips that, when pressed together look like suitcase handles.
Look at the pussy on that girl, you could pick her up and carry her around by her suitcase handles.
by WKid May 13, 2006
Just a regular joint, or marijuana cigarette.
Yo, Paul, did you roll that jber, you mammyrammer?
by WKid May 12, 2006
(n). any treat (eaten or smoked) made with marijuana, hash, shrooms, etc.
Hey Donklenutter, I am bored, do you have any herbical remedies?
by WKid May 12, 2006
(n) a woman's sweaty butthole after a nice long jog.
That girl is so hot I want to suck on her stink tunnel.
by WKid May 12, 2006
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