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18 definitions by wizard toast

A person who sends the gayest text messages to his/her friends.
Renaldo's text messages say things that make him gayer than ever. I consider him homotextual.
by Wizard Toast October 23, 2010
A tiny penis with an erection that resembles an upward curled popcorn shrimp.
Dave was full on popcorn shrimp for the new Halo game, months before it's release.
by Wizard Toast October 11, 2010
The Superman is a sex position, where a guy has sexual intercourse with a girl, doggy style, and bends the girl forward while he reaches over her shoulders to plant his hands on the floor, supporting his weight, while his legs are sticking straight out. The posture has the man resembling a flying Superman.
The Superman position was out long before that Souljah boy garbage got everyone confused as to what it actually does mean to "Superman that ho".
by Wizard Toast October 03, 2010
The Rodeo is a sex game involving having "doggy style" sexual intercourse with a girl and saying another girl's name over and over, in order to upset her enough to wriggle herself away from you in anger. The object of the game is to hold onto the girl and stay inside of her for as long as you can.
Typically, a man does not want to do this to a girl he wants to remain in a relationship with.
Last night's rodeo with my date lasted about ten minutes. Surprisingly, she wants to see me again...
by Wizard Toast October 03, 2010
Synonymous with penile erection.
After a fun night at the strip club, Andre had a penilistic protrusion that he awkwardly tried to hide from his parents, by covering it with his Trapper Keeper, on his way to his bedroom.
by Wizard Toast October 03, 2010
One is said to have "Sleepy Pee Pee" when an erection occurs while drowsy.
I just got home from a 12-hour shift and felt a little too comfortable in my bed. As a result, I've got sleepy pee pee. -Zzzzz...
by Wizard Toast October 03, 2010
A man who secretly covets and lusts for a girl who's romantically and/or sexually involved with another man, and envies the man, for having the girl he desires for himself, is said to have a Jizzy Pickle.
Dude, stop checking out my girlfriend. Nothing's worse than having blue balls with a Jizzy Pickle.
by Wizard Toast October 02, 2010