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18 definitions by wizard toast

When Japanese anime featured on American television's "Toonami" sneaks Hentai anime onto the air during their regularly scheduled programming.
Sheesh, Poonami is at it again with the schoolgirls and tentacles...
by Wizard Toast October 26, 2010
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A title of shame given to any guy with nipples that are too pink to match his tan and with the nipples looking too feminine in their degree of plumpness.
The sloven shut in next door does nothing but play Halo and World of Warcraft all day. He's the Pinky Plumperton from the prophecies of old.
by Wizard Toast October 24, 2010
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An exclamation expressing surprise, similar to "gee Willikers", but used when angry and/or flustered.
Penis Willikers! The new Halo game got old quick, but for three months before it was released, Dave used to have a popcorn shrimp over it like it's such a BIG deal.
by Wizard Toast October 11, 2010
1 9
When a man is lying on his back, spread eagle, while receiving a BJ, HJ, RJ, TJ, FJ, or ZJ.
That girl had me spread beagle last night... Feels good, man.
by Wizard Toast October 24, 2010
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