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my dads poop. he always called it dropping herby off at the playground. Yes i had a strange childhood.
Oh man oh man that herby gave me stretch marks!
by willis November 10, 2003
GFF= Greasy Fat Fuck
Billy weighed 380 pounds, and he was a gff.
by Willis December 18, 2004
(n): a parcel, sack, or other such utilitarian container, typically constructed of either brown paper or thin-sheet plastic (i.e. grocery bags) that is either slung over one's shoulder or held beneath one arm. Typically seen on the person of bums, vagrants, pikers, vagabonds, and the Irish of South Boston. Can be used to carry lunches, clothing, or all of one's personal possessions.
The man looked downtrodden, carrying his entire life around in greasy Irish luggage.
by Willis August 26, 2003
dumb ass bitch...........a bitch so stupid she is only known by the initials DAB.
you are such a DAB, shut up ya tool.
by Willis December 21, 2004
I disagree with Dr.Murph... if Latin women were the hottest then there wouldn't be so many Latin men who hit on White girls & Asian girls, now would there?
Dr.Murph is a good example of a sick fetish having freak, who needs to realize there are beautiful women in every race... or maybe it's that other races don't give him the time of day.
by willis April 13, 2005
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