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33 definitions by willis

usually used when a brotha thinks a shawty is fine and whats to holla at her
Damn MA'.....Your lookin' ZINGOOD!
by Willis November 24, 2003
A form of exclamation. Emphasis on a given topic.
You: Those shoes are cute!
Me: Thanks, reanh heif!
You: I want some.
Me: Reanh heif?
by Willis November 09, 2003
An arrogant, selfish, fool. He likes long walks on the beach, and let crabs snap on his penis. He likes to go to male strip clubs and lick the strippers penis's.
That man is a big son-gohi.
by Willis August 03, 2004
Meaning that are aren't going to do something.
Mother: Randolph, take out the trash.

Randolph: Do crap!
by willis February 04, 2004
An annoying lamebrain.
"What a CATHEAD!"
by Willis August 07, 2003
Welsh greeting meaning ''alright mate?''
''Aight buttie?'' beamed Dafydd, as his muscular arms smothered the sheep in a warm embrace...
by wiLLiS April 03, 2003
homosexual, gay, not-straight, faaaabulous, fey, into guys, hates the vagina, a fan of the chocolate starfish, and his favorite food is hotdogs and donuts.
My neighbor is the biggest xax ever!
by Willis March 11, 2003