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Possibly the most corrupt company on the planet. A victim (snap on franchise owner) will be inundated with thousands of dollars of unsellable inventory until they are forced out of business, losing their initial investment. Last but not least, snap on then ruins their credit. "snap on" then moves on to the next victim. Regional representatives are on the same level with mafia enforcers, only the mafia is a more honorable business than "snap on tools". Snap on franchise fraud. Their moto used to be "made in the USA",now tools are outsourced to foreign countries. Less expensive to produce ,however, retail prices increase. Who really suffers in the end? The tool purchaser themselves.
Do yourself a favor buy CRAFTSMAN.
Snap on tool dealer: Hey, would you like to finance some of my debt today by purchasing this hammer?
Autotech: No way, I buy CRAFTSMAN.
by Nelag May 22, 2006
Snapon refers to a person. This particular person has very much in common with the world’s most expensive tools made by snap-on. He’s not just a tool...he’s a "snapon".

A snapon will clip his finger nails at work during normal working hours. As if this isn’t bad enough, snapon will allow said nail clipping to fall on the carpet floor instead of a waste basket and proceed to leave them on the floor.

A snapon will tell you he can hit a 6 iron golf club 200 yards.

A snapon thinks he knows everything about engineering and that only a select few actually know how to engineer.

A snapon doesn’t have priorities straight in life. He typically tries to have many children so as to spread the snapon way of life.

Snapons typically have said kids very early in life and have more children even though he can’t afford the mistakes he already brought into the world.

A snapon will only pay minimal rent to family members because he’s too cheap to buy his own house.

A snapon will tell his wife that she needs to lose weight and should try and stay fit considering he stays fit by riding a bike and it’s only fair for said wife to look as good for him as he does for her. All this considering said wife already had two children for him.
Holy shit...that d-bag Ed sure is a snapon.
by Daimler Diesel October 12, 2010
A company that sells some of the most overpriced and overrated tools money can buy. Owners of Snap-On tools often justify the expense by reminding themselves of the lifetime tool replacement warranty, which of course some other companies such as Craftsman provide for much cheaper. But then your tools don't have the Snap-On logo.
Bob: Hey, Rob, check out my new Snap-On clicker torque wrench. I bought it for $400, and look! It comes with this cool plastic carrying case.

Rob: Really, I bought a Craftsman for $150.

Bob: I'll sell you the plastic Snap-On case for $250...

Rob: Deal!
by justahobo November 13, 2007
Worst place on earth to work. Complete nazi sweatshop which uses Orwell's 1984 as an operations manual. Now chock full of poor bastard foreigners from Indian and China working 85- 100 hour work weeks doing the work of 4 former American workers else they be deported. Mind you don't use their restroom, take a break or god forbid actually take a lunch, or you will be on the boat to the unemployment line. It is, however a good place if you are a worthless prick shite for brains manager with low IQ and a gigantic arse, an alcohol addiction and a big house in Hudson and want to f* with people's lives.
Bruce, the son of a nazi war criminal, likes working at Snap-on. But for the rest of us it sucks worse that eating a fresh steaming dung beetle crawling pile lying in the jungle sun.
by Gone-dee April 14, 2010
Brand of Tools
If you own a Snap On brand screw driver, u can be sure the tip wont get chewed for yonks.
by w00x January 08, 2004
Snap on: a nickname for a complete tool your friend is dating and he's such a tool you dont want to call him by his name.
Sadi are you bringing your Snap On along?

Hey Snap On, long time no see.
by SteveMe August 11, 2009
Snapons try to throw everyone under the bus at work. Snapons typically try to screw upper management in attempts to get hired in directly.
Snapons typically screw their past and present employers. Snapon will "use" his employer to move forward in life and get expensive things such as tuition paid for, but will refuse to fulfill a contract to stay with the company that paid for said tuition.
A snapon will try to escape from the country so a lawsuit to gain the paid tuition back is damn near impossible. Snapon will use his current employer to gain the escape route to Germany or some other country.
A snapon will only eat American food. Things such as Americanized Chinese, Mexican, Thai, Middle-Eastern and Italian food are all off limits.
A snapon will ask his employing manager if he can take a bribe from a supplier. When the manager says no, he will do it anyway. This begs the question, why bother asking if he’ll do it anyway?
A snapon won’t give his wife even so much as a decent running vehicle or television at home to keep herself sane with 2 children.
Only a snapon would take a bribe....and tell his boss hes doing it.
by DaimlerAG December 04, 2010
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