14 definitions by werther

To place an assortment of quarters into rolls, organize your quarters.
Man, I wish you wouldn't roll your quarters in the car....
by Werther November 20, 2002
What you say to someone whom has been "jacked up"
Snap! Girl, you've been jacked up!!
by Werther October 07, 2002
quadruple negative
Did you deep six Mr. Rogers again?

no nothing none not!?!?!
by Werther September 10, 2003
One who licks spherical objects, one whom is a fan of spheres.
Your mother is such a ball licker when she goes in to buy ice-cream.
by Werther November 20, 2002
1. A vain imagining involving religion.
2. Something that people with less means hope for: it will never come and will be dangled in their face like a carrot, MUWHAHAHAHA!.
3. An excuse to suceed in life.
Man, that bum sure has some awesome dreams.

Don't dream, kill yourself
by Werther September 23, 2002
A religion that relies on converting the dead to their religion, since in the land of the living participation is rather low.
Dont post any names of your dead relatives on the net or they'll get mormonized..
by Werther February 16, 2003
A rather animated Afghan.
Man, he's hopped up why is your broham into Afghanistanimation.
by Werther November 20, 2002
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