4 definitions by webbo

A thin Bic Pen sized dick
with your Bic Dick it's no wonder she never smiles george...
by webbo June 17, 2005

he has big webbos
by webbo January 06, 2003
Abbreviation for a Pint Of Stella

Stella Artois is a bottom fermented blond pils with an alcohol content of 5.2% ABV. Only quality barley and the finest hops are selected for this beer. Stella Artois is full-bodied
but none the less exceptionally thirst quenching, and should be served cold at 4 to 6 degC.
"Fancy a couple of 5.2's after work"

Text message:
(means the same as above)
by webbo February 21, 2005
A wannabe website designer
Designed by webbo 2005
by webbo February 21, 2005

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