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Fuck Me Boots. Tight fitting, black boots to the knee.
Shit dawg, she got dem FMBs on. Tight bitch
by Watson May 20, 2003
fuck me boots, the knee high leather boots you see clubgirls wearing all the time.
check out the girl with the fmbs
by serverpimp January 02, 2003
Shorter way to say fuck me boots.
FOS's are the opposite of this, fuck off slippers.
Look at those FMB's she's wearing.
by MadMatt74 November 17, 2003
Short for "Fuck-me boots" - Tall, tight leather boots on a woman.
See: Prostiboots
"Check out the FMB's on that broad. You know she wants it..."
by Karsten T. February 07, 2009
Tight, knee length (usually black) boots. Strangely, tight, knee length black boots worn by a minger will never be FMB's.
Jeez look at the FMB's in the kebab queue...
by Flaky_Neutron May 16, 2004
"furrow my brows" when something is completely wrong or you are confused about something.
--Hey dude, I just downloaded the new one direction album, their music actually isn't that bad.

-- no, dude it is actually a piece of shit, fmb
by brows4brows March 20, 2014
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