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An excuse used to clear your status from a stupid act that you performed.

It basically comes from the idea that all events have shirts, regardless of how great the event really was.
Guy 1: I can't believe you banged her...
Guy 2: Yeah, I just did it for the shirt
Gu1 1: What shirt?
Guy 2: You know, the 'I banged your mom last night' shirt...
by Wardrich December 13, 2006
An amateur webcam whore.
Last night I got a bunch of chicks naked on cam. It was a sweet camateur show.

Sarah? She's just a camateur.
by Wardrich December 12, 2006
Something that's outrageously funny.
Omg, that movie was totally roflcopterrific.
by wardrich May 31, 2005
The opposite of Tomorrow Night. The encapsulation of "tomorrow morning" and "tomorrow afternoon". Used to be more specific than just the word "tomorrow" which implies any given time between 12:00am and 11:59pm on the day after today but less specific than just "tomorrow afternoon" or "tomorrow morning".

Tomorrowday generally refers to the hours between 8am until the general hour that the sun starts to set (otherwise known as "tomorrow evening")
I'm staying up all night without any sleep. Why? This assignment is due sometime tomorrowday.
by Wardrich December 12, 2006
Fdisk Format Reload/Reinstall.

A geek abbreviation I picked up a while ago at work. It's another way of saying "reformat".
Newb: My AOLs are busted, my computar has viruses and spywares. How do I fix this?
Me: Give me $90 and I'll FFR it. Just back up anything important.
by wardrich April 26, 2006

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