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For Future Reference
FFR, you should bookmark this website.
by J January 22, 2004
Flash Flash Revolution, the most happenin' game on the net. Like dance dance revolution, but on a computer.
I went to and played flash flash revolution and then told my friends (well the real ones anyway) about flash flash revolution and they went to and played Flash Flash Revolution and told their friends about see where this is going right?
by Viewtiful J October 02, 2003
FFR - For Future Referene
Idiot: I crashed my car!

you: Sucks, FFR car's don't go well with boozed up twats like yourself.
by Nemoness July 25, 2011
Followers - Following Ratio
Directed to people who have & use Twitter {Religiously}. Those that have a high ratio are in the upper echelon, or Illuminati if you will of Twitter.
Followers ÷ Following = FFR
by ThatGuy2.0 March 11, 2011
Fucking Fat Ribs - Ribs so fat that you have to put the word Fucking in front of them to imply your point.
Guy #1: -Munching on some BBQ-
Guy #2: Holy shit those are FFR!
Guy #1: What..?
Guy #3: Fucking Fat Ribs.
Guy #1: .....
by Assisted Suicide August 29, 2011
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