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12 definitions by wannabecow

Sharapova is a wimbledon champ and is now ranked at No.4 in the world. Many guys think that she's hot but she's out of their reach because she's gigantically tall for a girl at 6'3".
Sharapova is no longer that up-and-coming teen talent from Russia.
by WannaBeCow August 30, 2006
205 82
Word to describe someone who is overweight but not obese.
Nicole Richie used to be plump before she started withering away.
by WannaBeCow August 30, 2006
133 48
Ekta in hindi means unity.
Ekta is also a popular and very common girl's name.
We should all have ekta in our country.
by WannaBeCow August 16, 2006
90 10
Someone you can fuck/have sex with. They're not hot but you wouldn't mind JUST hittin it.
Serena Williams is fuckable.
by WannaBeCow August 30, 2006
205 141
A disease where a person loses weight rapidly(mysteriously) and turns into an ugly monster. They start wearing huge sunglasses to make their large head look proportionate to their skeletal body.
OMG Kim you look so skinny, are you aneroxic or suffering from nicole richie?
by WannaBeCow August 30, 2006
173 126
The word "sexy" when pronounced by an old drunk man.
Old man: Ohh miee miee thath is sexayyy!!
by WannaBeCow August 27, 2006
12 6
The most crappy (C-RRRR-AAAA-P-EEEE) subject in the world. Logarithms tell how many times a number x must be divided by the base b to get 1, and hence can be considered an inverse of exponentiation. Yeah, whatever!
Me: I have been trying to understand this logarithm crap with its shitty tables for the past seven weeks.

He: Yuck!
by WannaBeCow September 02, 2006
17 17