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Totally rockin' chick from the midwest. Everyone loves a Tava and wants to be friends with a Tava. She is hip. She is cool. She rocks!
That girl is such a Tava I wish I was like her!
by viscioustart March 27, 2005
The best holiday of the year. Day when friends get to pull the ULITMATE jokes on each other no matter how mean they are.
Jer and Tav got Tara good this year. On April fools day they told her a friend was dead and she believed it! That rocked!
by viscioustart March 28, 2005
a person with no life that lives vicariously through others. one who wants to be slutty but can't.
org: lonely Kansas girl with too much time on her hands
Tara could get laid but she is too much of a slanny.
by viscioustart March 27, 2005
Orange puke spewed from the mouth of tara. This type of puke tends to stain surface where it lands.
I'm sure the Total store in Winfield appreciates the tang and vodka deposit left by Tara.
by viscioustart March 28, 2005
my faux husband. divorced man i live with. my manny. unemployed man who takes care of my child. dependable in all scenarios of house sitting, baby sitting, pet sitting. makes good tacos, salsa and spaghetti. has vagina phobia.
I don't know what I'd do without my Indiana Jones since my husband is always gone!
by viscioustart March 28, 2005
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