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Means first born in Greek

Also a cool race in Starcraft
Billy : I like to play Protoss in Starcraft.
Fred : I prefer Zerg.
Billy : Well, my Dark Templar will kick your Zerg ground units any day.

Fred : Well, I would show you who's ground units would be kicked.

Billy: You would bet on that?
by violingeek August 03, 2011
Chuck Norris's alter ego in Starcraft
If Chuck Norris played Starcraft; He would identify himself with Jim Raynor.
by violingeek July 27, 2011
A woman musician who works very hard with an musical ensemble to be recognize by the media.
Jill is a conductor who likes when the local press acknowledges her hard work with the symphony.
by violingeek July 26, 2011
The Classical Musician who should start a Classical Hip-Hop Band
I think yo-yo ma would gain more listeners, if he makes classical music modern for younger adults .
by violingeek July 13, 2011
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