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the crime of forced sexual intercourse. rape is not erotic and it is not about sex. it is an unjustifiable, violent hate crime.
Robert raped Audrey and will consequentally spend 5 years in jail, but she is now faced with attempting to rebuild her faith in men and comfort in her own sexuality.
by violet February 20, 2004
Synonymn for slut.
One whom you would imagine to be containing enough semen within various orifices of their body to fill a receptacle of some kind, such as a bucket.
Keep away from my boyfriend, you fucking cum bucket!
by violet March 03, 2003
To advance someone drugs until they can pay you back.
"hey dawg, can you front me a 20 sack or not?"
by violet December 08, 2003
The feminine equivalent of Nigga, please.
Usually placed at the begining of an insult.
bitch, please, you so skeezy.
by violet March 03, 2003
a person who conciously defies the arbitrary constructs of socialized gender.
I come from a family of genderfuckers. I am usually androgenously dressed but my brother wears eyeliner and lipstick and is often read as a woman. He loves to knit and play basketball while I am much more of a cooking and car maintenence kinda kid. Dad does the laundry and has a candlemaking business from home and Mum is a CEO so she travels a lot.
by violet February 20, 2004
a term used in the movie Office Space to describe the face one makes when achieving orgasm.
I'm gonna be showing her my O face.
by violet March 03, 2003
From gibraltar originally, breed 77 have to be ultimately the best band ever created. influencing their sounds with the music around them, and their love for metal, they have created a truely fenominal sound that will change your way you think of music for ever!
go buy their album cultura!
by Violet November 07, 2004
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