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From gibraltar originally, breed 77 have to be ultimately the best band ever created. influencing their sounds with the music around them, and their love for metal, they have created a truely fenominal sound that will change your way you think of music for ever!
go buy their album cultura!
by Violet November 07, 2004
Easily one of the greatest live bands to grace the surface of the planet. Their mix of the many variations of metal music, is astounding, like the hot and heavy "Worlds On Fire" to the subtle "Floods" and then to the simply beautiful song that is "The River" This band are an all round class act. Don't just buy Cultora, track down the Karma C.D, otherwise known as their first album. This band kick arse. End of. Oh, I've seen them twice in 9 months :)

When they sing "We will rock you" as an encore - feckin awesome
Breed 77 are amazing and British at heart (based in London)

Go listen to them, do it, do it NOW
by Campbellini August 31, 2005
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