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Synonymn for slut.
One whom you would imagine to be containing enough semen within various orifices of their body to fill a receptacle of some kind, such as a bucket.
Keep away from my boyfriend, you fucking cum bucket!
by violet March 03, 2003
Equivalent to "cum depository" meaning someone full of ejaculate because they are a slut.
Dude, that cumbucket has nailed like seventeen guys this semester.
by Sam Fryer March 30, 2004
cum bucket - a term of endearment for your favorite slut bag whore.
yo cum bucket, are you driving to class or am i?
by curmbox January 18, 2005
1. a girl who you wouldnt even bother interacting with but you just make a deposit in.
2. a girl who acts as if thats the only value they have to the world

This quality is often synonymous with heavy makeup, orange fake tan, short skirts, excessive cleavage and or badly peroxided hair. Although there are many exceptions to that rule.

Note. This is a term that is past slut because there is no enjoyment in the process for the girl
check out the cum bucket in the demin mini
by lillibet January 02, 2007
A whore who everyone ejaculates in.. A popular female public depository for semen.. Someone who all your friends have screwed..
Felicia has slept with everyone, she's such a cum bucket..
by mtrhd122 October 26, 2009
A vessel, typically made of stone, occasionally of hammered bronze, used to capture male ejaculate. Cumbuckets are commonly found in Mesopotamia, or present-day Iraq.

Thousands of years ago men would gather round communal combuckets and engage in a circle jerk as part of a religious ceremony. Once a bucket was filled with male ejaculate a female virgin would be drowned in it, and then consumed in a celebratory feast.

This practice has begun to fade in recent years, and cumbuckets have all but disappeared outside of college fraternities.
1. The Smithsonian has a new display of cumbuckets recently unearthed in Iraq.

2. I got gay drunk at a frat party and circle jerked into a cumbucket.
by BennyC November 30, 2006
one who frequently engages in any sexual act in which bodily fluids relating to sex organs are exchanged; one who is characteristically indiscriminate of their sexual partners
your mom's a fuckin' cum-bucket
by julius March 06, 2005
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