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A very sneaky, devious person. Always trying to get one over on their friends- they wont hesitate to sneak you.
Kyle: Hey Dez what's that Maths homework you're doing?
Dez: O its just further maths
Kyle: So we dont have any homework for Mrs. Coates?
Dez: Well I haven't done any


Mrs. Coates: Kyle, where's your homework?
Kyle: We didn't have any did we?
Dez: Here's mine miss
Kyle: Dez you sneaky little shrew!
by vinny_R February 10, 2008
A double crossing, sneaky illusionist. Lures friends into a false sense of security before dropping a sneaky bombshell on them. Are known to cast low level spells and illusions.
Dez tricked me into coming to school in fancy dress, the slimy buccaneer.
by vinny_R February 10, 2008
To get drunk enough for everyone to just about realise
Vinny: Hey I had this well wierd dream last night that I could suck myself off and I was in Kyles car and he wouldnt let me.
Kyle: Oh my god, vinny's baldammered!
Greg: That's only his second can.
by vinny_R February 10, 2008
A double-crossing, slimy little shrew-like buccaneer.
Dez you sneaky little slime!
by vinny_R February 10, 2008
A creature with all power, it is said a samurai can destroy the universe with a movement of the eyes. Samurais are the best at everything ever, especially sword fighting and gymnastics. Samurais are born when lightning bolts hit the highest peak of everest, they can teleport and run at the speed of light and fly too.
Pete: Oh my god, was that a samurai?
Joe: No it wasn't
Pete: Why not?
Joe: because we'd be dead if it was.
Pete: what was it then?
Joe: probably a slimy, sneaky little buccaneer shrew.
by vinny_R February 10, 2008
1. To get owned, to become someone's bitch.
2. To get tigged in a game of mongolian tig
You just got baldigged
by vinny_R February 10, 2008
A game of skill derived in All Hallows Catholic School common room. The original players include
Vinny (shrew)
The game involves basic tig rules but on chairs. Touching the floor is punishable by lashings with the tome of justice. It transforms the players into warriors. The winner is labelled genghis khan, who was once the champion of the sport. Samurais also play mongolian tig.
Mr. Shaw isn't in his office, let's play Mongolian tig. Dez are you playing?

No I've got some maths to do

What for Mrs. Coates?

Ermm... no it's sumat dodgy.
by vinny_R February 10, 2008

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