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30 definitions by vinnie

slang for sexually aroused
female - clothes = horny man or lesbian
by Vinnie February 26, 2004
592 418
humorous doctor from loveline, very cool and informative and intelligent
"Dr. Drew in the hizzie!!!"
"I am a rapist"
"you're fat, you're overweight"
"are you Mormon?"
by vinnie January 20, 2005
198 84
Originating from the Warcraft computer games; Taurens are extremely large cow-like people. Tauren as an adjective is used similar to 'massive' or 'enormous'; it can be used to describe anything that is larger than ordinary.
"I am tauren in the pants."

"I just chucked a tauren dump."

by Vinnie May 14, 2006
76 36
The plural form of house
"Hey, that's a nice row of hice"
"Fckgw, check out them hice over there"
by vinnie February 03, 2003
55 24
Those chips are the tits!
by Vinnie March 14, 2004
67 43
Searching through the cables behind your computer(s) for lost cables, plugs or small children.
"Fckgw... I dropped my cat5e... time to go cable diving"
by vinnie December 18, 2003
26 13
A testicle
Ow my gf bit my left fuckbean.
by Vinnie March 09, 2004
27 17