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The exclusive perfume of Mexican gorditas.
When I smelled the aroma Fried Ice Cream wafting from the cantina, I knew Gorditas were near.
by vegasrew April 10, 2007
the act of slathering petroleum jelly on your penis (or another flamable liquid) and lighting it on fire and ejaculating while still on fire the semen is then refereed to as fried icecream.
ouch my dick is burnt! you must have been making fried icecream.
by notwilly November 04, 2010
At the point of ejaculation, you aim your semen directly onto your testes. You then let it dry, and notice how the mounds resemble fried ice cream. Then you can enjoy the dried semen covered testes, or a friend can enjoy.
I hate waiting for my semen to dry, im too excited to enjoy a serving of fried ice cream
by Clayton25 March 19, 2008
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