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1. (n) A sterile aluminum foil bag used to keep an infant warm just after birth. It is standard equipment for emergency medical services personnel and is used as a precaution for most infants born in the field.
2. (n) A sexual act in which a man engages in intercourse with a woman in an environment that he has previously caused to have a very low temperature (ie, by turning the air conditioner way down). When the woman complains about the cold temperature, the man wraps her in aluminum foil and continues to have sexual relations with her. The foil, combined with the physical exertion of sex, causes her to become excessively hot to the point that she passes out from heat exhaustion.
I gave that bitch a silver swaddler: she got delirious and passed out.
by vampirekilla June 25, 2008
n. A sexual act in which a male and female are engaged in 69 (mutual concurrent oral sex), with the male on top. Just as he is about the climax, the male arches his back, positioning his rectum above the forehead of the female. He then proceeds to ejaculate in her mouth and defecate on her forehead at the same time.
Remember that chick i met at the bar? I pulled a Strenuous Armando on her and made quite a mess.
by vampirekilla September 02, 2008
1. Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij N.V. (Royal Dutch Airlines), the flag carrier airline for the netherlands
2. the release of malodorous flatulence inside the passenger cabin of an airplane. The confined space, pressurized cabin, and necessity of remaining seated with ones seatbelt fastened forces victims of the KLM to be subjected to stanky ass stank without any means of retreat. Analogous to the dutch oven, but specifically tailored to the airborne environment.
When I sat next to my wife on our family trip, i blasted a KLM she had to suffer through my fart gas and remain seated until the captain turned off the fasten seatbelt sign.
by vampirekilla February 24, 2015
1. n Traditional Jewish poultry dish; chicken or turkey breast is pounded thin, breaded, and fried.
2. n, v When engaging in intercourse with a female on a beach or sandy area, the male withdraws his member, ejaculates on the female, and rolls her in the sand or dirt causing it to stick to her, much like a delicious breadcrumb coating might stick to raw chicken.
Yo I schnitzeled that ho, she was totally coated!
by vampirekilla April 22, 2008
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