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A user friendly folder/path listing often found on internet forums or online listings. each word in the list is a clickable link that will take you back to that page.

The breadcrumb is a means of getting back to previous pages without having to use your browsers back button. It is usefull on some websites where previous pages have expired and you cannot access them with the browsers back button.

the term breadcrumb is taken from the childrens story Hansel and Gretel in which the children dropped a trail of bread crumbs so that they could find their way back "home".
//example of a breadcrumb
home > forum_category > forum > topic > reply ... etc.

//this link is for a php class for displaying a simple 'folder' breadcrumb on a website
by Mark Mercer September 15, 2006
A meaningless text message or email from your ex, sent just to get your attention but carrying no actual meaning. Do not respond unless you want to go crazy trying to read deeper meaning into this shiz.
Your ex - "hey" "how u doing?" the breadcrumb text

You - OMG What does this mean???!!!
by JaneDoe27 February 07, 2014
a small piece of bread

might have broken off of a larger piece
sarah lives off of bread crumbs i drop on the ground
by collin miller October 08, 2003
Often referred to in webdesign as a list of places you have been. Could also be used as a refrence of where you have been or who you've been with.
Overlooking a crowd, Julie candidly said "oh, that one, he is cute, single, and a great kisser I might add, one of my bread-crumbs of course," while updating Lauren on who's who amongst the partygoers.
by -Leslie December 14, 2007
Derived from the term "bread", used in place of the word "money". Bread crumbs are small change, ie. quarters, nickels, dimes, and pennies.
Person 1: Yo dawg, I's found me some mad bread crumbs while I was cleaning mah sofa.
Person 2: Fo real, cuz? That's straight crazy. Wee'z can go to WacArnolds and get a big bucket o' grease fries.
by punkgtrst096 May 14, 2005
The little bits of weed left over after breaking it up to make a joint.
yo man, you better clean up dem bread crumbs, cuz if you get caught at the border with it, your gonna get arrested.
by Hunni Buns August 21, 2008
When you have dry, flaky skin on your face so it looks like you were eating breadcrumbs.
I think you could use some lotion chief cus you got some breadcrumbs on yo chin.
by Josie Sanclawia August 05, 2007
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