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n. One who needs constant close contact (i.e. snuggling, cuddling, spooning) with his/her partner/friend/significant other. Without this contact, whining or other forms of verbal protest may be issued accompanied by pouting.
name is such a snugglebitch, I can't keep him/her off of me!
by vaeren December 08, 2006
A collective term for technical (and often confusing) oilfield shop talk.
Oilfield Engineer A: "Hey, we need to do an RST and a PLT in this well. Somebody call Schlumberger."

Oilfield Engineer B: "Shouldn't we run an SCMT and a CHFR in addition to the RST?"

Oilfield Engineer A: "Nah, on second thought, we'll just P&A."

Normal Person: "Hey guys, shut up with all the Schlumberjargon and let's just do the job!"
by vaeren July 31, 2008
The delay experienced after incorrectly typing your Windows login password, before you are allowed another chance to enter it.
I mashed the keys too much typing my password, so now I'm stuck in password purgatory
by vaeren July 25, 2008
1) n. The place in Norway to work.

2) adj. Unavailable for drinking/partying due to being on a rig.

3) v. Tricked, conned, or otherwise persuaded into going offshore.
1) I work offshore, we watch plasma TV's on coffee break.

2) I was offshore for the last 4 weekends.

3) I was supposed to be home for the holidays, but I got offshored. Looks like this year I'll have an offshore christmas instead.
by vaeren December 17, 2006
n. The place where hydrocarbons (oil and/or natural gas) are produced. "The oilfield" is also a term used by oil & gas industry professionals to describe their industry and the work associated with it.
I worked in the oilfield for 10 years before becoming a desk jockey.
by vaeren January 13, 2007
n. A Christmas Eve or Christmas Day spent offshore on a rig or platform in Norway. Usually celebrated with a large, elaborate meal and boxes of chocolates.
My crew and I were running an RST job, so we had an offshore christmas.
by vaeren December 17, 2006
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