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A gayband that recently gained fame, mostly through Disney; especially popular with preteen-young adult females(surprisingly). Most girls that are self-proclaimed fans are usually legally insane, mentally retarded, or just a plain Cockhead.
Many disagree that all three are gay, but it's been recently proven that they are. The proof- Joe Jonas broke up with Miley Cyrus after finding out she is a female(legally anyway) and realizing that since Miley is a he, he couldn't have a gay foursome with her and his brothers.
Preteen Girl: Oh my goood! Did you see the Jonas Brothers on Hannah Montana?
Random Male: Hell no, the Gayass brothers suck. So does Ciley Myrus.
Preteen Girl: It's Miley Cyrus.
Random Male: Who gives a damn, they're all gay fucks that Disney dished out for the retards.
Preteen Girl: Whatever. I'm going.
Random Male: Yeah you better go back to the insane asylum or something cause you actually enjoy those Gayass Brothers and that Dingy Wig girl.
by Up4Ownage January 14, 2009
Ass Wipe can refer to several meanings:

1- The physical action of wiping your ass down

2-A cross between a human carpet, a kiss ass, a suckup, or any combination of the 3.
"That guy's such an ass wipe. He actually gives his teachers boxes of Ass Wipers. He even does the ass wiping!"
by Up4Ownage January 14, 2009
A pocket full of drugs of some type, typically weed, or some other type, since hippies associate themselves with the sun for some reason.
"Hey Bob, that football captain guy is sooo hot that I get a pocketful of sunshine when I see him."
"what? You get a pocketful of drugs from him?"
"No, he just makes me sooo hot..."
"Where'd you get that definition? From that first definition of pocketful of sunshine that retard made?
by Up4Ownage January 14, 2009
Very small breasts. Cup size usually A or B.
Girl: Hey, wanna squeeze me?
Guy: Nice petits, but I think I'll go to Hooters instead.
by Up4Ownage March 01, 2010
to fornicate like there's no tomorrow.
While I was away for vacation, Jen went fuckwild, so I broke up with her.
by Up4Ownage February 17, 2010
n. - Any amount of left over urine on the underside of a toilet seat.
You can avoid leaving a lemon filling by lifting up the toilet seat before you pee.
by Up4Ownage March 31, 2011
n. - a plagiarized (and in some cases slightly modified) definition of an original slang word.

See lol theory, definition 2, or theftinition, rather.
Dude! That guy who made the theftinition for the lol theory is a punk ass bitch! I'ma shank his ass.
by Up4Ownage January 25, 2010

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