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Very small breasts. Cup size usually A or B.
Girl: Hey, wanna squeeze me?
Guy: Nice petits, but I think I'll go to Hooters instead.
by Up4Ownage March 01, 2010
Skinny. Bean Pole looking. Similar to the Nelson twins after a six-month anorexia trip. Derived from the latin word petite. Anyone Petit is so skinny they lost the e.

The danger of being Petit is that the indiviual may start to take on certain Klingon like traits.
The other day I was hanging at the taco stand and this girl walked by. She was so petit I force fed her my Burrito.
by Tom Baker September 14, 2006
Coming from the french word for small, this describes tiny, anorexic or stunted growth females. Similarly, the type of male that chases after these would happen to have a small penis, and would become deluded into thinking that he has something big down there when he recieves no complaints.
You like petit girls. I like to make them loose.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 16, 2004
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