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nasty std u can get. yea, i think it does make you cum funny colours.

i think thats the horrifying "vd" that the military was teaching the soldiers about in world war 2 when they were sleeping with any waacs they can find.
history of sex on history channel=awesome-ass show
by unusu-al March 02, 2004
an epic poem about beowulf, the great hero guy who came with a bunch of geats to dane-land and saved hrothgar from grendel by ripping out grendel's arm and thus killing him

beowulf then proceeds 2 kill grendel's mum (who isnt much better) and eventually kills a dragon but this costs him his life b/c he gets slashed in like the jugular
im'a read beowulf cos he ripped a guys arm off
by unusu-al November 08, 2003
acronym for pre-menstrual syndrome. characterized by extreme anger and aggressiveness.

many girls like to use this as an excuse to be an asshole. i mean, come on, i dont have to see used pads or tampons to know that a girl physically cannot menstruate most every day.
while i understand that girls could be feeling shitty about menstrual cramps, and i understand that pms is a real thing, i think only a fucked up whore uses pms as an excuse for bitching.
by unusu-al May 16, 2004
commodore was in canada? i swear it was british considering all the games made for it.

commodore did indeed make the c64. once i had a c64. i was young and an idiot less sharp than a spoon and i got rid of it. i would do anything now for a c64.
bill: i got rid of my c64 and got $50 for it
pill: what are you an idiot c64's are awesome did u kno they were made by commodore
by unusu-al October 10, 2003
there are 2 classifications of hacker. the first is one who is innocent in his/her actions - not really destroying computers, but rather just having an extreme interest in computers. the second kind is malicious and likes to attack poor, harmless computers.
1. he's a hacker cos he spends 28 hours a day on his box
2. man, a hacker just gave me a trojan so now he's got all my vital info
by unusu-al May 10, 2003
probably the most neglected pink floyd guy besides nick mason (the drummer who doesn't write many songs on the albums i have).

syd helped start pink floyd. he was a brilliant guitarist and was very experimental about many things - playing techniques, lighting, effect pedals, and, unfortunately, drugs.

syd had a mental disability (schizophrenia?) and acid only made things worse. by the time he was released from the band, he was not able to interact with the group anymore. for example, he wouldn't sing the same words or play the same riff more than once.

syd was gradually replaced by david gilmour (around the 1968 album "ummagumma"). he has been recently diagnosed as diabetic, but otherwise he is doing fine, having a bonfire now and then in the garden, and painting from time to time.
shine on you crazy diamond is a 9-part song dedicated to the rock legacy of syd barrett
by unusu-al October 03, 2004
an impressionist artist who used painted in lil splotches of paint. when ur up close 2 one of his paintings u cant tell wtf it is but when u back up some u see like a cool garden.
bill: look theres a monet painting i cant c wat it is cos im 2 far away
pill: just back up and then ull c something like a cool garden.
*both back up*
bill & pill: cooooooooool
by unusu-al December 10, 2003

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