44 definitions by unusu-al

i think it means like something unfortunate that evokes negative emotion
its so tragic that pink floyd isnt touring anymore
by unusu-al July 20, 2003
idk; i'm still pretty naive about many sex terms cos i don't get any. this site is pretty handy for that.

otherwise, yea, people are getting to into things. including me lol.
omg im gonna get mad because he made a joke!

were all friends here <3
by unusu-al March 07, 2004
a gui that has too damn many bright colours
bill: bah look at that gui it looks like angry fruit salad
pill: ya its 2 colorful
by unusu-al September 12, 2003
a really intense, old keyboard that i want. i think its the keyboard in "money."
omg i made a synth that sounds like a fender rhodes. bah i want the real one tho.
by unusu-al September 06, 2003
adj. having a high temperature or being spicy
the only way to make peppers more hot is to cook them in a pressure cooker
by unusu-al November 17, 2003
someone that is learning-oriented. someday us nerds will take over and all will be cool.
you get straight a+'s? you must be a nerd.
by unusu-al May 10, 2003
ibm is an acronym for "international business machines." it is a widely known computer company.

ibm started quite a while ago - we could probably safely assume around the time of ENIAC, or earlier. they created a standard in computers (i.e., an ibm-compatible machine) and are still around.

despite ibm's age, they never broke up like ma bell.
bill:i got an ibm machine
by unusu-al May 23, 2004
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