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Viagra, helping men deal with their woman's post baby body since 1998.
After not being sexually attracted to his woman after the baby, he feigned impotence and got a prescription for Viagra.
by unknown69a June 26, 2014
Another phrase that means sex. As heard on Drawn Together in season 3 episode 11.
Foxxy: Now why come I can't stop doing the Ethiopian Boredom Dance.
by unknown69a January 22, 2011
A male Jerking Off, Pounding Pud, Five Knuckle Shuffle, Stroking It, Playing The Skin Flute, Beating Off
Billy was banishing the white demons to an erotic photograph on the internet.
by unknown69a October 06, 2013
After the woman finishes sucking the man off, the man eats the woman out.
After Suzy sucked the man off, her man gave her the gentleman's thank you.
by unknown69a June 19, 2014
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