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pubic lice or crabs
I went down on this bitch last night. When I looked in the mirror this morning, I had her labia lobsters in my eyebrows.
by unitpro1 January 01, 2010
noun: last resort description for a woman's crotch area when "camel toe" or "moose knuckle" won't do.
"Camel toe, moose knuckle? That bitch's got a fuckin elephant paw. I bet her pussy's so big that you'd have to strap a board to your ass so you won't fall in!"
by unitpro1 January 01, 2010
noun: Rifle or handgun bullet.
That Osama Bin Laden is a crazy son of a bitch. I'm gonna go over to Pakisatn and give that fucker a lead vitamin in the head.
by unitpro1 January 01, 2010
verb: to strongly put forth or exclaim a belief or view in a verbal exchange
Look motherfucker, I'm sick as shit of you coming in here and procasting your bullshit. Now get the fuck out.
by unitpro1 January 01, 2010
sperm cells that are present in semen
She was such a slut. I blew my wad in her mouth and she gagged it down, swimming devils and all.
by unitpro1 January 01, 2010

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