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Thanks very much. (Internet speak)
Junior:: Hey, I like your profile.
Missy:: TVM (:
by uniPORN February 06, 2009
A bachelorette party where the bachelor(ette) is acting like a total bitch, whore, skank, etc.
Man, Jane had a total bitchelorette party last night. You should be glad you didn't go.
by uniPORN February 07, 2009
The fizzy feeling you get inside of you that makes you wanna dance, dance, dance (:
1. When I won the bet, knowing I had just gained 50 bucks made me feel ever so dancey.

2. When you're at a rave, you can't avoid the feeling of danciness inside of your tummy.

3. You're so adorable, you make me feel dancey.
by uniPORN February 06, 2009
Nonsense, or something really stupid.
Stop talking shitsense and tell me what happened last night!
by uniPORN February 23, 2009
The meaner way to say "a gay male who spends a lot of his time at a salon." This also applies if he works there.
That salon fruit was checking out my dad when my mum was getting her hair done...
by uniPORN February 23, 2009
Similar to the f-bomb, but when you get so damn pissed you use as many cuss words you can think of, in as many spaces left in the sentence physically possible. A delicate and imperssive art. Alpha-bomb battles are the best to listen to (:
Daniel: Damn man, Fran dropped the whole alpha-bomb on me last night.
Tom: What'd she say?
Daniel: Something like, "Fuck you fucking fucker! Go fucking fuck your fucked up fucking mom! Don't ever fucking fuck up my fucking life a-fucking-gain, fuckface! Now fucking get the fuck out of my motherfucking house, which you've fucking already fucked up al-fucking-ready! FUCKER!"
Tom: Damn. Harsh.
by uniPORN February 07, 2009
A pedophile who always fails miserably in his/her attempts to attract children.
Old guy: Hey... how's about yall visit me sometime for some popsicles... age doesn't matter to me... I just love the children...
Kids: Err... no thanks (Whisper) What a pedofail
Other kids: Twat
by uniPORN March 08, 2009
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