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A zebra that thinks its black
zebra: "Yo zigger im black... shittt...."
by thekinglolz June 13, 2008
An African Zombie.
I was playing Resident Evil 5, and capped 5 ziggers with my shotty.
by Poop Zero July 16, 2008
When a black person tries to paint himself white and looks like a Zebra and Nigger
D**n look at the Zigger over there he looks like ying-yang.
by Mrr. Friend May 04, 2010
a zigger is a black person who is so black that they are at the end of the alphabet. you know how the slaves didn't get popular till they became slaves and the europeans were stealing them away? well before they were slaves they were ziggers and a perfect example of a zigger is mojo jojo because he is so black that he has reverted back into an ape.
Mojo Jojo is such a zigger, look at him molesting those three girls.

That zigger just stole my purse.
by eyedonawteggzist November 13, 2010
one of no african descent, who chooses to apply ghetto traits as well as zombie traits to make up there own self identity. usually one who possesses these traits will take their internal aggressio and release it upon the online communities
wow, super admin jon from firewall really shaved his teeth to fangs to match the cornrolls. he is full blown zigger
by -=FW=- casian May 30, 2013
A zombie originating from Zimbabwe.
Justin: Dude, I almost got attacked by some ziggers last night.
Ryan: No way?!...
by Nigga Nat August 20, 2007
A zebra that's more black than white
Charlie: So are zebras black with white stripes or white with black stripes?
Jessica: I don't know, but where's the white on that one?
Charlie: I don't know, it must be a zigger.
by uniPORN February 07, 2009
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