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A sexual act where a woman lays on a turning bed while the man stands at the edge slapping her in the face with his penis on each rotation until he reaches climax. Also known as the Cincinnati Carousel.
Man I gave that chic a Colorado Turnbuckle her cheeks were so bruised.
by uncle lester July 12, 2010
when you want something that is unattainable you want a Cleveland championship. wanting in one hand and shitting in the other. and waiting for the want hand to fill up more than all the shit.

a scorn to someone who wants something unattainable. a way to make someone realize they are wishing for to much.
Dude I'm so gonna bang Megan Fox tonight.
yeah and there is going to be a Cleveland championship to.

Dad when I grow up I'm gonna buy you and mom a house.

yeah right son, and there will be a Cleveland championship.

hey man I just gave that chic my number, I bet she calls me tonight.
Yeah right that's a Cleveland championship scenario.
by uncle lester July 22, 2010
When there's something strange going on in your butt, Who you gonna call? New Jersey Institute of paranormal proctology. Ie. theres a ghost in your ass!
Was your butt just howling?
No, Its haunted by a shit spectre.
by uncle lester November 03, 2011
v. the act of murdering your significant other's laundry. this act is usually done by a newly wed female to her husbands favorite clothes. also to her least favorite.
Also the act of burning a traded or free agent sports star.
why are you wearing that shirt again?
Well my other clothes were involved in a laundricide. I think my wife wants to give me a make over.

Where is your LeBron jersey?
It was a random act of passionate laundricide. It wasnt premeditated I swear.
by uncle lester July 22, 2010

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