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underwater wanking, dating back to medievil times, fisherman were known to relieve themselves while catching the days food supplies
"Hey arthur, I was swanking with Addison earlier & I spunked on a trouts face"
by uncle knobhead February 17, 2009
the difficult art of combining an orgasm with a sneeze
fuck me mate, I was snanking all night last night, nearly blew my head off
by uncle knobhead January 15, 2009
Combining cooking & masterbation, possibly unhygenic
"Alright Jezza, so tell me, whats your problem with canking ?, it saves time, pot noodle and a big wank, 2 birds 1 stone mate"
by uncle knobhead February 17, 2009
to describe something which has a minty edge
jesus I wish I'd have waited a bit since brushing my teeth to enjoy this delicious & nutritious pint of lambrini, my word it has terrible medge now, tally ho, us girls know to have fun
by uncle knobhead February 06, 2014
another term for a vagina, the muscular tube leading from the external genitals to the cervix of the uterus in women and most female mammals
ey up luv, can I have a dabble on your willy bin ?, I bet its a breath of fresh air down there
by uncle knobhead February 06, 2014
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